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Loyal to my barber
Hook a sister/brotha up
The plug
The game changer
I got you

The deal: Up to two free beauty treatments a month for a year!*

Term: 12 calendar months

General conditions

  • The treatments must be booked via the genus platform to the establishmentthe customer has introduced to Genus

  • One establishment per a customer

  • The establishment owner/beauty therapist must confirm the contestant who introduced them to Genus. Once confirmed the customer cannot be changed.

  • Missed appointments by the customer that incur a late fee will count towards the customers quota for the given calendar month

  • The combined treatments cannot exceed £30 for a calendar month

    • In the case one or two appointments are made that exceed £30 the amount above £30 will be responsibility of the customer

  • The booking must be made from the customers Genus profile

  • The 12-month period of this prize will start 1 calendar month following the establishments sign up date, completion of full details on the GENUS platform and completion of a short questionnaire.

  • Balances of unused prize funds for a calendar month will not be carried over to any subsequent months for the customer.

  • This offer is capped at two treatments per a month or £30 of services booked through GENUS, depending on which one occurs first.

  • For bookings made using the “pay in store method” Genus will pay the said establishment within 36 hours after the scheduled booking.

  • This offer can be stopped at any time. Once the offer is stopped customers or establishments already in the scheme will not be impacted.

Establishment conditions

  • Before the prize funds are paid out to the customer the establishment will be subjected to a brief visit and assessment by a representative of Genus, to ensure they are a genuine health and beauty provider.

  • The establishment will receive the full £30 before the start of the Calendar month


The deal: No booking fee for services booked through Genus

General conditions

  • No code is needed for this offer. Just book your appointment as normal

  • Expected end date is 2021, however this offer can be stopped at anytime.