Barbers! You Can Still Make Money From Your Craft During This Lockdown

The reason for this blog post is simple. 

We've noticed that unlike other beauty professionals, barbers are not exploring as many potential avenues to potentially make money during this lockdown.

Yes, you are unable to physically cut the hair of your customers. However, there are other ways you could generate income from your skill as a barber!

We've come up with 3 ideas that are worth exploring:

1.) Set up 1-2-1 video calls to guide customers cut their own hair

You've probably all seen some pretty dire pictures and videos of bad haircuts that have happened during this lockdown period.

This is what happens when customers take matters into their own hands! 😂

But what if customers could pay to have a private video call with you where you guide them through a haircut?

Obviously, it won't be as good as you cutting their hair! However, having you visually guide them through a haircut on a video call could be the difference between a decent haircut and one that is absolutely terrible!

2.) Set up online tutorials to different haircuts

You could run online tutorials from your home showing customers how to tackle different haircuts. From high-tops to skin-fades, to properly shaping up their beard.

All you would need to get going is to order practice mannequins. We recommend searching on Amazon as they are still delivering during this lockdown! 

You could run the training 1-2-1 or in small groups of 1-5 people. Whatever works best. With platforms like Zoom and Skype, this is easily done!

You could literally do an online session for skin fades, then another one for facial hair, then one for pattern haircuts... You get the idea!

3.) If you're a barber that has a product range, start promoting it online!

Just because your customers are all stuck at home, does not mean that they don't want to take care of themselves!

If you own a product range which includes items such as beard oils, balms and skincare, now is the time to let the world know!

Customers being at home may be more open to trying new products and testing the results at home!

If you want to expose your products to new customers, try listing them on They're an exciting new company dedicated to listing the hottest hair & beauty products. This could really work wonders in terms of getting your products out there!

We really hope these suggestions help, or at least spur on some ideas of your own!

Good luck!