7 ways to protect your hair & beauty business from Coronavirus

The first thing we will lead with is, don't panic! The best form of defence against the current Coronavirus pandemic is to adhere to the highest standards of personal and business hygiene which should already be commonplace! 

That being said, given the current Coronavirus outbreak, hair and beauty establishments need to take extra care to protect their staff and customers.

Regardless of whether you are a barber, hairdresser or nail technician, follow the tips below to protect yourself and your customers!

1)If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, don't take any bookings for at least 14 days.

Yes, it might turn out that your sneezing or coughing is not coronavirus related, but the safest thing to do is to self isolate for at least 14 days if you're feeling unwell. If the symptoms persist, contact emergency services.

2) Advise customers to cancel or reschedule their appointments if they are experiencing flu like symptoms. Again, this is for the safety of everyone in that particular barbershop, hair saloon, nail bar etc...

If a customer turns up for an appointment visibly unwell, do not feel like you can't refuse providing them a service. 

Remember, this is for the wellbeing of yourself, other staff and other customers.

3) If the service you are providing allows for it, wear gloves for all customers.

Understandably, this may not be posible for people such as massage therapists, who should instead be washing their hands rigorously throughout the working day instead.

4) Leading off the last point, wash your hands regularly! 

Inbetween every customer, hands should be washed thoroughly! We also advise that hand sanitiser is made available for customers to use when they arrive for an appointment. 

5) Ensure that all tools are fully sanitised after each customer appointment

This is general good practice, but given the current Coronavirus outbreak, extra care must be taken to ensure all hair and beauty tools are fully cleaned in between customers. No shortcuts!

6) Ensure the hair and beauty establishment is regularly cleaned during the course of the working day.

Professional hair and beauty practice generally mandates maintaing a hygenic environment for both staff and customers. However, given how easy it is for Coronavirus to spread, it is imperative that cleaning takes place throughout the day as opposed to when closing up.

It also means regularly wiping down door handles, windows, chairs and any other surface that staff and customers will come into contact with.

7) Stop large queues forming

Social distancing measures need to be taken to ensure that hair and beauty establishments are as safe as they can be for both staff and customers. 

This means minimising the amount of customers waiting in the same place for their appointment. Hair and beauty establishments are typically enclosed spaces, so we don't recommend having any more than ten customers waiting in the same space at any given time.

Those customers should also ensure that they are not sitting close to each other.

We will provide more guidance specific to the hair and beauty service you provide as this Coronavirus pandemic develops.

Again, the most important thing to to do is to keep calm and educate yourself, other staff you work with and your customers on how to say safe!