4 Top Tips For Combing Type 4 Hair

The first piece of advice is to do what it says in the title... Comb, not brush! Here at Genus, we advise you avoid brushing your hair at all.


Because brushing Type 4 hair will thin it out QUICK as it splits and breaks the hair!


Second tip- NEVER comb your hair when it is dry! Dry combing is asking for trouble and a whole lot of hair breakage! Make sure that you only comb your hair when your hair is damp OR after you've applied products that will help your comb glide straight through!


Tip number 3- Do NOT use small toothed combs to de-tangle or comb your hair. This will also lead to splits and breakages and can also result in hair loss. So, a big AVOID from us! Stick to wide toothed combs which will be kinder to your hair!


Last but definitely not least! Comb your natural hair regularly! There is a common falsehood that you shouldn't comb natural type 4 hair often. WRONG

As long as your hair is damp and/or adequately moisturised, you can comb your hair as often as you like. Not combing your hair regularly will lead to increased sensitivity on your scalp when you do comb!