6 Genus Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair growth is something that many of us desire at various points in our lives.

Regardless of whether you struggle to grow your hair, or whether you grow hair relatively easily, most of us go through stages where we wished we could accelerate hair growth!

We've put together 6 Genus tips to help you speed those follicles up!

1.) If you're going through a period where hair growth is a priority the LAST thing you should be doing is dyeing your hair. Especially if you're transitioning from a darker shade to a light blonde!

Why? You may ask.

Simply put, the bleach from the dye could damage the cuticle in your hair leading to split ends and breakages which are not good for hair growth.

Wanna speed up your hair growth? The less chemicals the better!


2.) When it comes to all matters hair and beauty, you are what you eat. If you're wanting to grow your hair and your diet is deficient in protein and Biotin, you are really missing a trick!

Hair growth begins from your follicles which are made up of cells of protein. A diet rich in protein and Biotin will help stimulate your follicles which in turn will accelerate hair growth. Below are some examples of protein and Biotin rich foods:

Protein: Biotin:
Spirulina Spinach
Edamame Sweet Potato
Chicken breast Cauliflower
Salmon Almonds
Greek yoghurt Mushrooms


If you're struggling to consume enough protein and Biotin in your diet, you can supplement them through protein shakes, vitamin capsules or powders.

However, if you're taking any medications, please check with your doctor before supplemeting Biotin as it can interfere with certain medications.


3.) Don't wash your hair with hot water! Hot water weakens hair making it more prone to breakage. In addition to this, hot water can strip your hair of moisture. Both of these things are very bad news for hair growth, so we strongly recommend turning down the temperature when you're washing hair!

Here at Genus, we recommend using using lukewarm water when washing your hair to open up the follicles which will allow for a deep and thorough wash.

To finish off, rinse off your hair with cold water which will close up the hair follicles again locking in moisture and aiding in hair growth.


4.) Following on from the last point, if you're serious about speeding up your hair growth, we advise you to avoid ALL heat styling.

Yep, put that blowdryer and curling iron down!

Say whuuuuuuuuut?!

It doesn't have to be forever, but if you're going through a period where you are trying to achieve hair growth, heat styling is not your friend! Don't be fooled by labels on products which promise 'safe' heat styling.

Here at Genus, we don't recommend using ANY heat styling periods until you've achieved the desired level of hair growth at any given time.


5.) Get a silk pillowcase!

It'll work wonders for your hair! Unlike cotton, silk avoids tangles and breakages. You'll notice that when you get a silk pillow, you'll have significantly less hair shed on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. Reducing the amount of hair you lose in the first place is crucial to reach your hair growth goals!

Good Housekeeping have put together a list of some well rated silk pillowcases, if you're unsure on where to find some. Find the list here.


6.) Last but definitely not least! Get your hair trimmed regularly! This is important to ward off hair cuticle splits. If a split goes up a hair shaft, it will thin out the hair causing it to break i.e. a breakage. Regular trims will greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

The next question then is how often should one get their hair cut?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to that question. Generally speaking, if you are in a phase where you're trying to speed up hair growth, you should be trimming your hair more regularly than you usually would at times where hair growth is not your focus. 

So for example, if you usually trim your hair every 10 weeks, you should increase this to every 4-6 weeks during a growth phase.

However, this will vary greatly from person to person influenced by factors such as how coarse or fine your hair is and your frequency of chemical treatments outside of growth phases.

You need to determine how frequently you need to trim your hair for growth by speaking to your hairdresser and also remaining vigilant to split ends in your hair.


Good luck and here's to abundant growth! 🥂