#BeautyReviewbyBuffy Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in original Berry

We all have our afflictions and I can confirm that crusty lips are mine. NOT ANYMORE THO. 😎 

Quick take using this before bed on dry cracked lips guarantees I will wake up with nourished, plumped and transformed lips. 👄 

It is very sticky and doesn’t feel the nicest but meh, needs must. 🤷🏽‍♀️


No honestly, I have the crustiest lips. To the extent that they seem all wrinkly and can quickly be like, sort of grey in areas?! 😖 

What even is that, so rude. But importantly, using this has really changed that.

There is a really cute spatula provided with the product in it’s very own adorable pouch.

I use this to hygienically take a small glob of product, about the equivalent of boiled rice grain, and smear it all over my lips, including going a little onto my skin to ensure the area is thoroughly saturated. 

I then proceed to my favourite activity of the day (sleeping) and wake up with different lips entirely: they’re plump, soft, nourished and full of colour as opposed to dryness-induced-greyness.

The packaging is cute, small and travel friendly.

At 20g per tub this lastsforever and thankfully has a 12month shelf life.


The product is pretty sticky and so, if you sleep like a crazy person with your face all over the shop (hello it me) then expect some of the mask to transfer onto your pillow and sheets. 

Lol embarrassed 😩 

This is also pretty hard to find if you’re not in the US or South Korea- I personally picked this up on holiday in Seoul.

Other than that, Laneige Sleeping Mask does exactly what you need it to: boom! 💥