Microblading. Fleeky or nah?

Eye brows are important. Always have been, but recently quite a few eye brow treatments have increasingly become very popular in beauty salons everywhere. 

One eye brow treatment that gets a lot of attention is microblading, but is it worthy of all the hype?

Firstly what is it?

Microblading is a tattooing technique that fills in your brows making them look fuller.

What is the process?

Microblading typically consists of a blade like contraption with around 10-12 needles on the end.

These needles do not penetrate or cut the skin. Rather they implant featherweight strokes on the surface of skin with a medical grade pigment.

What are the pros?

Well Microblading can give amazing results, especially if you have sparse, thinning, or no brows at all! 

Microblading saves you the time and effort spent on filling in brows with brow pencils or gels! Imagine spending ages filling in your brows only for them to go wrong!  🤦🏿‍♀️ 

Unlike an actual eye brow tattoo, microblading results in a more natural look and feel to the brow. This is due to the fact that a handheld needle/blade is used allowing for finer hair strokes.

Microblading is not permanent so results can be amended if they're not to your liking.

What are the cons?

It can be very expensive! For a good stylist, you're looking at prices starting from around £300 and that's not including the cost of subsequent touch-ups...

Leading on from the point above, you're paying all that money for something that is not permanent.

Yep, you're going to actually need to top up at least once or twice every 18 months for the best possible results. If you have oily skin, then you're going to ideally have to top up once a year!

People with very oily skin are more likely to have their skin reject the pigment yielding poor microblading results

It's painful! Although it's not a permanent tattoo, it's still a tattoo... On your face... So probably not the most comfortable experience! 

Yay or nay?

Microblading is quite an expensive course of treatment for something that is 'semi permanent'. There are several options that can have your brows looking lush.

Yes they may not be as convenient or offer the same longevity as microblading​, but they literally are a fraction of the cost! These include:

-Using brow gel

-Using brow powder

-Using brow tint

-Using brow pencils

 In addition to the cost, the quality of the end result of microblading treatment largely depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, don't expect to get the same results as your peers with less oily skin. 

Does all this mean that you shouldn't get microblading?

No. For people with skin that takes well to it and that have the spare cash, microblading can give AMAZING results. Our advice? Do your research and go for a consultation.

If you can't stand having to to do you brows and you can afford to pay for the convenience, microblading is a great option to have you brows consistently looking on point 👌🏾