Energy saving tips to help your hair & beauty business go green!

Hair salons and barbershops are among some of the highest energy consuming businesses! Here at Genus, we believe it is not only socially responsible but also cheaper to run your hair & beauty establishment in as green a way as possible!

We understand hairdressers and barbers are very busy and often are manning small businesses so may be aprehensive of tips that will be time consuming. However, the tips in this article will barely take any time to implement. It’s simply a case of slightly rethinking a few things!

Tip 1.) Don’t leave equipment switched on outside of opening hours!

This may sound very simple, but probably for that reason is quite easy to forget! Making sure appliances are switched off when your establishment is closed is not only better for the environment, it's also better for your wallet! On average, hairdressers and barbershops use approximately 40,000kWh of electricity a year. This is a bill of around £4000 annually! So do yourself a favour and keep those clippers, blowdryers, straighteners and anything else turned off when not in use!

Tip 2.) Make sure your windows are double glazed!

You can increase the heat retention in your hair salon or barbershop by as much as 30% if you have double glazed windows. Reducing the amount of heat being lost in your establishment will mean that you will be able to turn your heating on at a lower temperature for shorter periods of time. This will save you money and also mean that you're doing your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of your hair and beauty business! 

Tip 3.) Recycle Recycle Recycle!

Any hair and beauty establishment on a day-to-day basis churns out a plethora of rubbish they could be recycling instead of simply throwing them away. Bottles of shampoo, bottles of conditoner, aluminium foil, cardboard, old or broken appliances etc.... Most items are recycleable, it's just a matter of reading labels and seeing if and how they can be recycled.

Tip 4.) Apply greener styling techniques wherever possible

Following on from tip 3, if you're finding recycling a bit of a chore, it may be easier for you to just reduce the amount of 'stuff' you use. For example, freehand colouring techniques such as ombre and balayage will greatly reduce your consumption of aluminium foil in your hair salon. Keep an eye out on the amount of tissues and cardboard used in your establishment. The less 'stuff' you use, the less you'll have to recycle!