1000 haircuts and beyond

What makes a great barber?

Well giving good haircuts is a start! But being a great barber goes beyond just giving haircuts. There are many stories of unprofessionalism in barbershops and within the hair and beauty industry as a whole. We've all experienced the same kinds of issues with barbers. This is why Clippertrixx stands out from the crowd. He fuses high quality barbering with excellent customer service which is reflected in the great respect he has as a barber. Here at Genus, we are recognising Clippertrixx as our star achiever of 2018 as he received over a 1000 bookings in his first 7 months of being listed on Genus!

Clippertrix combines the energy and barbershop banter we love with the highest levels of professionalism. Tyrese one of his customers said, “You haven’t got a good trim until you go to this barber”. OA said, “Ishak provides the best quality barbering service in the Midlands. Great stuff every single time”. what really sets Clippertrix apart is the way in which he has incorporated the technology of Genus in his barbering enabling him to provide even high levels of customer service. 

Located in Lower Ford Street Coventry, Clippertrix had already been cutting hair for many years and already had a reputation as one of THE best barbers in the Midlands. Since being listed on Genus, he has used the technology of the platform to offer even better customer service to his clients and take his barbering to a whole new level. You can book an appointment with Clippertrix knowing that you're going to be seen on time in a hygenic environment and leave with a sharp trim. This is a barber that says no to compromise, and that's what makes him truly great.