6 KEY Ways To Protect Your Hair From Winter Damage


The winter months can be very harsh and unforgiving on your hair and scalp. This can lead to dry hair and shrinkage amongst other things. Eating a well balanced diet is important all year round for healthy hair, but becomes more so in the winter months. For example, foods such as Chia Seeds, avocados and salmon contain healthy fats which are crucial for a healthy scalp. Also, foods such as egg yolk, salmon and sweet potato contain Biotin which helps keep hair thick and looking full. In addition to keeping a healthy diet however, there are further steps that you can take to keep your hair resilient against the winter cold! Have a read of our top tips below.


    1. Protect your hair from the elements

       One step that can be taken to mitigate winter's harshness is to keep your hair as covered as you can when outdoors. You can wear a hat or scarf, whatever suits your style! Keep an eye out for scarves and hats made from wool in the winter months. Wool is great because it will keep your hair warm in the in the winter months whilst still being breathable.


    2. Keep your hair and scalp hydrated

Keeping your hair hydrated is important all year round, but in the winter it becomes even more important. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that will keep your scalp and hair nourished in the winter. Low temperatures can make your hair brittle and your scalp itchy. This is why we advise you switch to shampoos and conditioners that are extra moisturising and that will lock in hydration. If you have natural curly hair or any type 4 afro hair, we recommend deep conditioning at least once a fortnight. Apply a deep conditioner to each section of your hair, from roots to ends. Leave the conditioner to sit for around 25 minutes. This will penetrate your hair shafts promoting healthier hair in the winter.


3. Avoid over-styling your hair

Be wary of using styling tools such as curling irons and hair dryers on a regular basis. The heat from such appliances can dry out your hair and scalp which is enough to damage your hair. What is even worse is your hair going from the high temperatures of styling tools to the low temperatures of winter. Putting your hair through a combination of these extremes can lead to lasting damage.


4. Have your hair trimmed regularly

Whether you have short or long hair, the harshness of the winter cold will make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. Getting your hair trimmed regularly will reduce your chances of getting split ends- this is especially important if you're trying to grow your hair, so book a few more trips to your barber or hairdresser this winter!


5. Wash your hair in warm or cool water

As we head deeper into winter, it can be very easy to fall into the interim habit of washing your hair with hot water. However, this is a big no no. Increasing the temperature of water water when washing your hair can lead to heat damage. We recommend washing hair in lukewarm water. 


6. Don't leave home with wet hair

This is a very important one. Make sure you allow your hair to fully dry before venturing out into the cold. Your hair will take a lot longer to dry in cold temperatures and depending on how cold it is, this can lead to hair breakage. We recommend allowing your hair to dry naturally before heading out. Of course, if you are pressed for time, blow-drying your hair will be faster. However, be wary of how frequently you use blow dryers as they can cause lasting damage to your hair!