Product Review: “Crème of Nature Flexible Styling Snot”

So, I brought this “Flexible Styling Snot” by Crème of Nature because I was looking for an alternative to “Gorilla Snot”, which has become my go-to gel. (Don’t ask me what’s up with these names).








I had become concerned with the ingredients contained in Gorilla snot and long story short, for fear of losing my edges (a very valid fear might I add), I decided to switch it up. (BTW, if you’re wondering if “Gorilla Snot” is bad for you, check out this article on “”).

So anyway, back to the Crème of Nature “Flexible Styling Snot”.

It is a gel for natural hair that claims to “Smooth hair”, “Control edges”, “Tame frizz”, “Hold Twist Outs and Updos” and provide “Exotic shine” with a “Flake-Free hold”.  It also contains no Alcohol, Sulfates, Silicone, Mineral Oil or Petrolatum, which is always a plus.

I feel that the gel does a decent job at smoothing my hair down into styles like a low bun. It also controls my edges pretty well. However, I feel like I have to use way more of this gel in comparison to “Gorilla Snot”.

I also find that this gel is way too sticky. Like, gorilla snot is sticky, but this is something else. The texture is comparable to a thick, buttery paste and feels very unpleasant on the hands, especially when you have to use a lot of it.

Would I buy it again?

Probably not.

In the mean-time though, because it’s a fairly recent purchase (I brought it two/three weeks ago) and I have a lot left, I will continue to use it. And who knows, I may change my mind but as of now, this product is just okay.  

At the minute, whenever I want to slick my hair down, I’m alternating between remnants of an old “gorilla snot” bottle and this Crème of Nature gel.

To summarise:


-Alcohol free (& no Sulfates, silicone, mineral oil or petrolatum).

-Pleasant smell.

-Good edge control.

- Smooths hair down eventually.


-Incredibly sticky.

-More tedious smoothing down process than with gorilla snot.

Have you used this gel? What did you think?




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