5 Annoying Barbershop Problems

We’ve all been there; barbers taking the mickey. From waiting hours for a trim, to your hairline being pushed into the 4th dimension. I'm sure you can probably think of a plethora of problems you've encountered as a customer, but here are 5 barbershop problems that many of us can relate to!


Timing, timing, timing. In some establishments, it is not uncommon for customers to go and genuinely not know when they’re going to be seen. A treatment that is supposed to take between 30-60 minutes turns into a day trip! 

2.) Queue jumping

Or should I say the lack of queues. Queues are not only quintessentially British, they are also key to running a smooth barbershop! How can you come in for a trim, sit waiting for 45 minutes and then out of NOWHERE, someone comes into the barbershop and you hear the barber say, ‘Come through, you're next.' In your head, you're probably thinking WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S NEXT, CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT I’VE BEEN WAITING HERE FOR AGES. Of course, you say nothing and carry on waiting, confused and frustrated. This is why your barber needs to get themselves listed on Genus!

3.) The 'not so good' barber.

Everyone knows they’re not great. The head barber knows it, fellow barbers in the barbershop know it. Last and most importantly, the customers know it. You can always spot the 'not so good' barber because customers would rather wait ten years for a haircut, than risk being attended to by the 'not so good' barber! Again you're wondering, how on Earth is this barber allowed to work in a barbershop endangering the hairlines of innocent customers. 

4.)The overly rough barber.

That barber who yanks, pushes and twists your head into place as if they're trying to push a heavy weight. Clearly your constant grimaces are not enough to highlight the fact that you are quite uncomfortable! You came in for a haircut not for whiplash! Worse still is when you're getting your beard or hairline shaped up and the barber draws blood; Not cool man! A good barber should ensure that the razors or clippers they are using are suitable for their customers!


5.) The zealous football fan.

If you know, then you know. We all love the Premier League, but when getting a haircut, you don't want to be fearing for the safety of my hairline as the barber shouts and gesticulates whilst watching the football. How is a barber going to cut your hair, watch a live match and pass commentary ALL at the same time?! Recipe for disaster!