Growing a Beard Proving To Be a Lonnnnnnnnnnng Road?

You’re currently trying to grow some sort of facial hair, but struggling to stimulate the ad-hoc stubble scattered unevenly across your face? Well look no further, Genus is on hand to speed up your follicle growing journey!



First things first...

What’s your diet saying?


Healthy eating habits although often neglected, are important when it comes to beard growth. A well balanced diet will help create an environment where your future beard can thrive. For instance, testosterone levels are important when it comes to beard growth. Adequate levels of zinc, vitamin D and magnesium play an important role in facial hair growth. Also protein from sources such as chicken and eggs can be beneficial to beard growth.

You can get zinc from red meats, broccoli and spinach. Vitamin D can be found in eggs, salmon and cod. Magnesium can be found in almonds, cashews and mackerel. Vitamin E is another key vitamin that could super charge your beard growth! Vitamin E increases blood flow and promotes healthy hair and skin. You'll find vitamin E in leafy green vegetables (yes that's right, eat your greens lads) and soy beans.




Do you even lift bro? 

As with most things, exercise is crucial in having us looking and feeling our best. Regular exercise will have your testosterone levels flying high, creating the ideal environment for your beard to prosper! Cardio such as running, swimming or HIIT combined with weights (with a strong emphasis on compound movements such as bench-press, dead-lifts and squats) will help send your testosterone soaring.




Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Clean skin is the FOUNDATION to any kind of beard growth! Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells, which hamper beard growth. You can exfoliate your skin in a number of ways. If using a non-chemical or (physical) face scrub, we suggest using a face scrub that contains natural exfoliating substances such as sugar and salt.


If using a chemical scrub, use one that contains ingredients such as glycolic acid, AHAs, and BHA. If you have sensitive acne-prone skin, you may find it more beneficial to use a chemical scrub as they can be less abrasive on the skin. If unsure, see your dermatologist or GP to see which options are best for you.


Whatever form of exfoliation you use, Always bear in mind that your skin around your face is sensitive, you’re cleansing your skin, not going for a PB on the bench press, so be gentle! Your face shouldn’t feel sore or look raw red after exfoliating!



Now you MUST moisturise…

Bearded or not, regularly moisturising your skin is generally good for keeping your skin looking healthy. When it comes to growing a beard, moisturising can help Prevent overly itchy skin when your hair growth starts to come through. Dry and broken skin can lead to beard itch and moisturising will help to nip that in the bud!



Time to grow!

Hopefully incorporating a few or all of the tips listed here will aid you on your mission to join the gang. Be patient, be consistent and hopefully we’ll see you and your newly acquired mane on the other side!